Handmacher Primus at a glance

Handmacher Primus
Handmacher Primus shoes for men provide comfort, style and durability and are the luxury shoes every man dreams about. The Handmacher Primus collection is available in different colors and finishes to suit casual or business attire, but every pair is handmade by Austrian craftsmen and women to the highest possible standards.

About Handmacher Primus Shoes

The Austrian Handmacher workshop produces shoes in the Austrian shoe making tradition. Each pair of Handmacher Primus shoes is made by hand using the finest available calf skins. The sole of each shoe is wood nailed using small wooden pegs, giving the durability and quality demanded by every Handmacher customer. Handmacher Primus shoes for men are available in sizes 39 to 46. Each pair of Primus shoes is supplied with shoe trees to aid the durability of the footwear and customers buying Handmacher Primus shoes online from us can take advantage of the free shipping offer provided on every order.

Different Finishes for Handmacher Primus Shoes

The design and cut of Handmacher Primus shoes provide the high quality demanded by connoisseurs the world over. This is exemplified by the highest quality leathers and insoles and the painstaking wood nailing techniques used to craft Handmacher shoes and it's hardly surprising the footwear is in high demand. Handmacher Primus shoes are available in various styles, including Derby and Oxford.

They can be ordered in a range of colors and tones, including blue, brown and black. Available finishes include woven leather, high shine and matte effects.
Browse the different styles of Primus shoes from Handmacher at Il Signore! You benefit from free shipping when you order your Primus handmade shoes, and once you've worn shoes of this quality you won't want to order any different brand.
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