Handmacher Trend

Handmacher Trend

The Lord of the world, regardless of age, wearing this season and certainly in the future, the exquisite specimens of Handmacher Trend. This is a new line that emphasizes the foot particularly advantageous. These are shoes that have a narrow, elegant shape. Narrow shoes, whether they are made of dark or light leather, act always very classy. They complement the appearance of the carrier to a simple yet exclusive way. These men's shoes for narrow feet are available with different laces so that each carrier can receive the right to him variant.


Wood nailed men's shoes for narrow feet

The models of the line Handmacher trend therefore come in different variations. If you like, choose a shoe without laces Easy to slip in the shoe into it and feel comfortable in a model of soft, smooth leather. But the classic lace-up is to get here. So men's shoes may be obtained for narrow feet with triple or more laces. Handmacher trend shoes are however also available with a side-mounted buckle - a classic with a twist.

Hand crafted Men's shoes for narrow feet

What makes these men's shoes for narrow feet, is not only the most delicate to be named form. Rather, the material is carefully selected, and the subtle colors like also fashionable less courageous men: classic Handmacher but defined in a new way. These men's shoes for narrow feet complete a business suit perfect, they make but also good as a companion of a sporty elegant leisure style. , The transition of the support acts in a special way with these shoes, but also the overall appearance of the wearer gains with these shoes, which are based on classical forms and still look modern and stylish.
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