Aniline leather for high quality men's shoes

Many people come into contact with the term aniline leather for the first time when they are considering buying new high-quality men's shoes. After all, the new shoes should not only look beautiful, they should also last and be easy to care for. But what exactly does aniline leather mean and what advantages does it have compared to other types of leather?

What is aniline leather?

Aniline leather is solid-Coloured leather that has no surface pigmentation. This makes it open-pored compared to other types of leather, which means that moisture can penetrate immediately and darken. When it comes to the exclusivity and quality of a leather, aniline comes first. It is Coloured with transparent dyes. This has the advantage that the natural surface remains visible and any colour fluctuations are not covered.

Aniline leather is offered as full leather and as full grain leather. Since the rawhides required for the production are very rare, leather sofas, armchairs or high-quality men's shoes made from this leather are of course not so inexpensive. Due to the great price-performance ratio, the prices for high-quality men's shoes made of aniline are absolutely justified.

The advantages of aniline leather at a glance

Aniline leather has the great advantage that it has a very nice structure and a pleasantly warm grip. It gets the biggest plus because of its great real leather experience and the elegant look. When it comes to high-quality men's shoes made of aniline leather, these have the great advantage that they are particularly breathable due to the open-cell structure of the fabric.

Every shoe is unique
If you value owning a unique piece, you will enjoy this leather, because every model is unique.

Durable and robust
All in all, high-quality men's shoes must of course also ensure that the quality is right. The aniline leather is also convincing here, because it is particularly tear-resistant and robust, which can ensure a long service life. Adequate care should, however, place great value here.