Barefoot in shoes

Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because of the increased sweating, men should not walk barefoot in shoes. A bare male foot in the shoe does not look aesthetic and attracts attention, but without causing admiration or positive attention. However, health reasons and well-being also speak against the fact that men should walk barefoot in shoes and avoid sweat-absorbing socks. Walking barefoot in shoes is very popular in summer. It is no problem for women to be barefoot in shoes. Men should rather refrain from it.

Men sweat more than women

Nothing is perceived as more repulsive than a sweaty foot. Of course, this does not come exclusively from walking barefoot in shoes, but also occurs in stockings. But stockings offer the possibility to absorb the sweat, which is absent from the barefoot in shoes and thus directly shows the sweaty foot. Of course, optics also play an important role. Women's legs are always perceived as more aesthetic than men's legs with veins or hair.

In the restaurant or sidewalk cafe, a bare male foot can even stir up the disgust of some viewers and make them look unappetizing. The aesthetics and disadvantages of increased perspiration on men's feet play an equally important role in the consideration, but prefer to run with stockings instead of barefoot in shoes. Men do not have to feel restricted in their freedom, since this rule of aesthetics naturally only applies to street shoes, but not to bathing shoes on the beach or in the swimming pool.

Aesthetic reasons speak against it

Even if for you as a man, of course, your own well-being comes clearly before the opinion of your fellow human beings, you should definitely not commit a fashion faux pas. Except on the beach, men barefoot in shoes are not very appealing, since feet and legs usually do not look as well cared for as women. With a few light cotton stockings, you can prevent prickly looks and also avoid sweating on your feet and sliding back and forth in the shoes due to the moisture, as well as generating an unaesthetic appearance.