Belt blue men

Black "can" everyone, but belts blue men are a choice of colours that require courage and a sense of exclusivity. Blue is a promising or optionally optimistic colour, definitely a colour that stands out. Belts in blue represent a special combination for men with the corresponding men's shoes in this colour. Yes, if so, then this colour must also be repeated, because only in this way does this colour work or the wearer looks perfectly dressed.

Gürtel blau für Herren
What other colour should be considered when wearing a blue men's belt? Any other shoe colour would only reduce the effect of the beautiful and interesting colour blue. One can even speak of an increase here, because the viewer (or probably the viewer in this case) always perceives the overall picture, which directs the gaze both to the enter and to the feet. Yes, that's right, trend colour blue! That is the colour of the brave, the unconventional!