The boot jack facilitates the removal of the shoes

The boot jack is a useful tool for the comfortable, quick and especially gentle undressing of men's ankle boots, but also generally of men's shoes. Especially elderly people, or those with limited freedom of movement, for example, as a result of an accident or illness, appreciate the benefits of a boot jack very much. In the Middle Ages was called as boot jack the domestic worker, who has taken off the lords of the boots. Luckily, these times have long since passed, and probably only a few people will be able to afford a domestic worker today. The use of a boot jack contributes significantly to a longer life of men's shoes and thus saves money on sight.

A boot jack serves the shoe care

In the "conventional" process of shoe pulling the toe of one male shoe is pressed into the heel counter of the other and the shoe is removed from the foot. The so-called heel cap, so the rear part of the men's shoe is damaged and irreparably destroyed in repeated repeats. With a boot jack the men's shoe is used in these and with the other shoe is pressed against the boot jack. The U-shaped punch in the boot jack, which fits snugly against the heel counter, prevents damage to it. As a result, the men's shoes retain their stability and the owner can enjoy them for many years. The boot jack is available in different designs and different material qualities, as well as with rubber or smooth surface.

Boot jack

If one puts the low purchase price in relation to the benefit in the form of a prolonged life span of the men's shoes it is astonishing that only the fewest households can call a boot jack their own. Also, the argument of the space requirement cannot be cited, since this is only the size of a men's shoe. A boot jack preferably made of wood, therefore belongs to the basic equipment for every man, no matter what age. The boot jack makes life easier and can especially save or extend the life of men's shoes.