Boxcalf leather for high quality men's shoes

Particularly high-quality men's shoes are made from Boxcalf - always. The classic and particularly high-quality boxing calf leather is characterised by its suppleness and grain. Cuddly, yet firm and with a fine and very typical grain, beautiful patterns result that make the Boxcalf the ideal upper leather for high-quality men's shoes and accessories.

High quality men's shoes made of box calf leather

The chrome-tanned and fully dyed or only primed leather has a thickness of 1 to 1.2 millimetres. Boxcalf is traditionally used primarily for high-quality men's shoes, belts and other fine accessories. The natural scars of the boxing calf are significantly more even and fine than with other leathers and, depending on the colour, can produce gentle but very appealing shades that give the shoe a particularly elegant touch.

Boxcalf Leder für exklusive Ledergürtel
The leather from South American or European origin is smooth or shows finely grained scars without embossing. Its more or less glossy finish is achieved by polishing or ironing. In England, the chrome-tanned box calf is traditionally dyed black and soft for high-quality men's shoes.

Derby, Oxford or Brogue from Boxcalf

The stitches on the box calf leather are very nice to work with and decorate the shoe. In keeping with tradition, the typical boxing calf shoe is a classic. The Derby or Oxford, both popular business shoes, only really express their style in the boxing calf processing. Shimmer, delicacy and suppleness become visible after processing and it is this combination that distinguishes the high-quality men's shoes made from boxing calf.

Box calf shoes are part of every sophisticated equipment and can be combined on all occasions and with all styles. The durable boxing calf leather with its fine, yet very unique structure is easy to maintain and retains its natural beauty for many years. High-quality men's shoes benefit from the noble leather interior and often only show their full class with Boxcalf equipment.