Brush leather offers shiny views

Fashionable men's shoes made of brush leather enchant with their special chic. The special leather is used for low shoes, lace-up shoes, boots and welted men's shoes. You need selected care so that the well-groomed appearance is retained for a long time.

Handmacher Boots aus Brushleder

The type of leather is characterised by an extreme shine, which makes the fashionable men's shoes exquisite companions. When processing smooth leather into brush leather, the surface is first rolled and then sanded until the striking shine is achieved. Rolling makes the leather harder than other types of leather. The leather only becomes softer when the shoes are correctly inserted. The shading of the leather under the high-gloss surface of the leather is enhanced by the sheen.

The leather only develops its excellent properties after it has been entered. In fashionable men's shoes, brush leather adapts to the shape of the foot after a few days. It becomes softer and ensures temperature compensation. It releases moisture from the inside out and the climate in the shoe remains dry, which in turn increases comfort.

Caring for brush leather properly

Men's shoes made of shiny leather require special care. Choose a shade for the shoe polish that best matches the colour of the shoes. Coloured shoe polish intensifies the shine of the shoes, which you get by polishing with a soft rag. If fashionable men's shoes are often exposed to moisture, then the use of a suitable waterproofing spray is recommended. An impregnation spray with wax and oils best nourishes the brush leather and protects it from unsightly edges caused by wetness and snow. The impregnation spray must be polished up after drying.

Brush leather shoes for special occasions

Fashionable men's shoes with brush leather look very exclusive. They are dimensionally stable and at the same time are characterised by flexibility. Quilting and buckles work particularly well on brush leather. The smooth surface repels dirt. Shoes made of brush leather are worn with evening wear and complement a stylish appearance in a tuxedo.