The Buckle shoe

The buckle shoe is a fancy men's shoe and a real alternative to the lace-up shoe for the fashion-conscious man. Always elegant in design, it looks particularly appealing as footwear to suit and is suitable both as a business shoe and in combination with a more casual, sporty wardrobe. A buckle shoe stands out primarily due to its characteristic closure: the buckle as a stylish eye-catcher. The shoe model itself is usually rather classic and preferably available in leather.

Schnallenschuh von Handmacher
Preferred colors are mainly different shades of brown and black. This shows that this men's shoe is a combination talent: you can wear it with a classic evening suit, but also with jeans and a jacket. For men who value an elegant appearance on different occasions and are not afraid to show style awareness and nonchalance, a buckled shoe is recommended. It is an ideal combination of tradition and new trends and helps its wearer to comfort and elegance.