Care instructions for men's shoes

The following care instructions refer exclusively to men's shoes made of smooth leather. The first step in cleaning men's leather footwear is to rid the surface of dust and coarse dirt particles. This can be done by using a brush or a damp cloth. IMPORTANT: The cloth used should be an unused one if possible, because any residues of cleaning agents can attack and destroy the leather of men's shoes.

Leather care of men's shoes

The application of high-quality shoe polish protects the upper leather against damage, such as scratches, provides the leather with food and gives the men's shoe not least its shine. It is less is more. The shoe polish should be massaged into the leather only in thin layers with light pressure, do not forget the heels!

Polish of men's shoes

Now that the clean and impregnated men's shoes shine, the leather must be polished with a soft cotton cloth or a soft brush. When using a cloth, please make sure that this cloth does not fluff, otherwise your whole work was free. You can determine the degree of gloss by the duration of the polish and the pressure you exert on the upper leather.

Care of leather soles

From time to time, maintain the leather soles of your shoes with leather oil. This will provide you with regular nutrition and maintain the comfortable elasticity of the outsole, as well as significantly reducing water absorption with water penetration. This is especially important after rainy weather!

Professional tips!

All shoes need a break! For 1 day, then rest for 2 days to allow the leather to dry and retain its breathability. It is best to stretch the shoes on the corresponding wooden slats. This preserves the shape and the life of the shoe.
Dress and undress

Always use a shoehorn to put on the shoes and open the shoelaces sufficiently before putting them on or taking off.

Storage of men's shoes

Keep your shoes in a dry, airy place and use shoe trees, preferably made of unpainted, absorbent wood, to keep the shoes in shape. Under no circumstances may you overstretch the shoe!