A cedar shoe tree keeps men's shoes in shape

Cedar wood shoe trees are the luxury class among the most diverse materials used for shoe trees. The wood used in most cases is cedar, which is also known as Red Cedar. Most cedar species are at home due to the mild climate in the Mediterranean and they are made of cedar wood shoe trees, cigar boxes or humidors.
The main task of all shoe trees is the preservation of the shape of the men's shoes after undressing. Each men's shoe stretches when worn, depending on the amount of moisture released, a little more or less intense. The cedar wood shoe tree ensures that the men's shoe is optimally filled and the leather cannot contract. The so-called shrinking of the leather in men's shoes is completely normal and no indication of inferior leather.
The use of a cedar wood shoe tree prevents on the one hand this shrinking and smaller of the men's shoes and on the other hand, the emergence of ugly collars in the men's shoes. Especially in wet weather, when the outsoles of men's shoes are soaked, or in winter, the use of a cedar shoe tree is highly recommended. The drying of the leather is accelerated and prevents the bending up of the outsoles

Cedar wood shoe trees neutralizes odours

It is generally important for shoe trees that they completely fill the men's shoe in order to maintain the shape. This is not a problem for men's shoes with a round toe, but it becomes more difficult with men's shoes with a pointed toe. Care should also be taken to ensure that the cedar wood shoe trees are not coated with a protective varnish but are offered unpainted. A coating varnish closes the pores of the cedar wood and thus largely prevents moisture absorption.
A pleasant side effect of a cedar shoe tree is the fragrant scent of this wood, which can also neutralize bad smells. This effect, which is no longer present after some time, can be restored over and over again by roughening the surface of the cedar wood shoe tensioner with a fine sandpaper.