Cheap men's shoes

Cheap men's shoes come mainly from the Far East and have flooded the domestic market in recent years. Especially in times of financial and economic crisis, where thousands of people lost their jobs, clothing and men's shoes had to be saved as well. But cheap men's shoes tend to delight their owner for only a short time, since the quality of the offered men's shoes is also commensurate with the price.
Few consumers even ask themselves under which ethical or ecological circumstances cheap men's shoes are made. The main thing is that for a pair of men's shoes must be paid as little as possible. If the shoes are broken after a short time, they simply go into the trash and a new pair of cheap men's shoes is bought.

Cheap men's shoes are often paid dearly

This short-term mind-set has led in recent decades to the fact that the number of domestic manufacturers of men's shoes has fallen rapidly and at the same time the imports of cheap men's shoes have exploded. Thousands of jobs in the German shoe industry were irretrievably lost and with them also extensive knowledge in the production of men's shoes.
The trend to buy cheap men's shoes has to be considered with concern not only from an economic point of view, but also from an environmental point of view. In Germany, high standards of environmental protection and the associated high quality standards have always been in place in all production areas. To this day, the term "Made in Germany" is a quality feature.
Under what conditions cheap men's shoes are produced in Asia, the consumer in Germany can neither understand, nor review. He has to rely on the statements and promises of the manufacturers that the production in this regard is constantly controlled. Considering the fact that on average people spend one-third of their lives in shoes and extrapolate how many pairs of cheap men's shoes are bought in the course of a lifetime, the consequences can be self-evident.