Clean leather shoes

The topic of cleaning leather shoes is topical in every season. In winter, deposits of road salt or slush tend to accumulate. In summer it is dust that can clog leather shoes. Good and professional cleaning protects against damage to the material and helps ensure that the beloved men's shoes are a pleasure for a long time. When cleaning leather shoes, you should start by removing the coarse dirt.

Lederschuhe reinigen
A relatively hard brush, which should be equipped with natural hair bristles, is suitable for this. The next step is to apply warm and foamed saddle soap. The soap removes edges and finer deposits on the leather shoes and thus represents a good basic cleaning. Afterwards, cleaning the leather shoes involves applying the shoe polish. Choose a damp cloth, a special sponge or even a soft brush. Finally, the men's shoe can be treated with an impregnating spray to effectively prevent further deposits.