Clean suede shoes

Shoes made of suede require special shoe care in order to maintain their pleasantly soft and velvety surface, their good fit and their beautiful appearance for a long time. Lack of care when cleaning suede shoes quickly leads to stains, fading of the colour and a rough structure. If you wear these shoes with their sensitive surface even in rainy or snowy weather, this effect occurs all the faster. You can simply brush out suede shoes, which are only worn in dry weather, with a brush.

Clean the suede shoes without errors

Special brushes for cleaning suede shoes are also commercially available. However, it cannot always be avoided that moisture gets to the couple. Therefore, when cleaning suede shoes, you must note that the sensitive leather has particularly large pores. Liquids can penetrate the material very quickly. For this reason, you should not allow water to get into your shoes when you care for your shoes. This can result in unsightly permanent stains.

Rauleder Schuhe reinigen
For shoe care for dirty shoes made of suede, you can use special erasers or sandpaper in addition to the brush. When cleaning your suede shoes, you should gently sweep the surface in one direction. This will keep the rough surface. With very stubborn stains, this procedure may not be sufficient. For intensive cleaning of suede shoes, you can wipe the surface briefly with a cloth soaked with as little cleaning benzine as possible for suede. To refresh the colour, there are also colours with an integrated sponge for application to the sensitive material.

Clean suede shoes with brushes

In general, precaution is recommended instead of aftercare for the shoe care of couples with suede. You can treat your shoes with a suitable waterproofing spray before wearing them for the first time. Dry and airy storage is also part of shoe care. Deformations are avoided with shoe trees and shoehorns when putting them on. Regular suede shoes Cleaning with the help of a brush and care when wearing them usually save long cleaning procedures later on.