How do I properly clean suede shoes?

Suede is a very popular material in fashion, but it presents its wearers with a tricky challenge. Especially wearers of shoes and boots made of the resistant material with the velvety surface ask themselves after a rainy day or a walk in the forest: cleaning suede shoes - how does that work? What materials do you need and what should you watch out for?

Cleaning suede shoes - that's what you need

If you like to wear suede, you should consider buying a suede brush. Corresponding products have two sides, a hard side for dirt removal and a rubber side for roughening the leather. Depending on the type of stains and dirt, it also makes sense to invest in a leather cleaner that is especially tailored to suede. A colour-neutral leather eraser helps to remove the most common stains quickly and easily. In any case, it makes sense to clean a suede shoe by purchasing an impregnation spray. In future, the leather will be protected from moisture and stains.

Clean suede shoes with household remedies

In addition to these useful helpers, there are of course some home remedies for cleaning suede shoes. For example, it often helps to carefully process a stubborn stain with distilled water and a lint-free cloth. Distilled water on the ground, because normal tap water usually contains lime, which can form unsightly marks on the leather. Carpet or upholstery foam also helps to remove stubborn stains. If the stains are coffee, tea or juice, a lint-free cloth dipped in white wine vinegar will help. Oil or grease stains can be removed with baking soda, which is sprinkled on the freshest possible stain and brushed off after a few hours.

Clean suede shoes step by step

Before cleaning suede shoes, it is important that the leather and possibly the stain are dry. Warning: Never dry suede on a heater - this will make the leather brittle and brittle. If everything is dry, the shoe is first brushed off with the rough side of the suede brush or a shoe brush to remove dirt. It is important: short strokes and do not brush too vigorously in order not to damage the leather. If there are stains, the next step is to remove them and then dry the shoes again. Cleaning suede shoes also includes refreshing the leather. This is possible with the rubber side of the suede brush, alternatively with a structure cloth or a toothbrush. In the last step, the shoe is impregnated with a spray tailored to suede. It's easy, isn't it?