Cordovan leather for Handmacher shoes

Cordovan leather is described by many people who are familiar with shoes as the premier class in the field of materials used for shoe manufacture. This leather is made from the skin of horses in a complex process and is therefore very rare and valuable. Cordovan leather got its name from the Spanish city of Cordoba, where this way of making shoes began.

Cordovan leather meets the highest demands

Nevertheless, this city is not the only city in which high-quality men's shoes are made from horse leather. Mediterranean flair is conveyed due to the history of this type of shoe, but there is also the style of Cordovan leather shoes, which makes these shoes a product with Mediterranean charm and a special sophistication. The use of horse skin as a basic material has developed into a specific in the countries of southern Europe.

First of all, beautiful Cordovan leather has a special surface that clearly distinguishes it from other types of leather. This leather can be recognized by the fact that it has a mirror-like surface that clearly reaches the ideal of perfectly maintained shoes without kinks or tears. In addition to the striking surface, there are other aspects that are characteristic of high-quality men's shoes. So these shoes basically have a more classic cut, they look narrow, almost streamlined, which of course the surface contributes to. Cordovan leather as a material ensures a uniform, so to speak shiny appearance.

The practical advantages of Cordovan leather

In addition, Cordovan leather is water-repellent, so that high-quality men's shoes made from this material can be worn very well in everyday life without showing that they have been stressed. One could almost say that the shoes made of Cordovan leather, despite their obvious elegance, have an element of robustness. Those who wear Cordovan leather shoes will appreciate these aspects, but they will also enjoy the comfort and the ideal fit of the shoes.