Cordovan shoes by Handmacher

Cordovan shoes, which are made by handcraft, offer numerous advantages. Cordovan shoes are classics in the field of footwear. They are convenient and incredibly flexible to use. Cordovan is a very hard-wearing and robust leather, also known as horse leather, which got its name from the Spanish city of Cordoba.

Cordovan shoes are durable and water-repellent thanks to their high fat content. Correspondingly, Cordovan shoes can also be worn on wet days without any signs of wear. There are different types of handcrafted Cordovan shoes. Colour differences are particularly noteworthy, with dark and light brown tones dominating the market.

Cordovan shoes from Handmacher are wooden nailed

Cordovan shoes from Handmacher are particularly high quality and also unique. They are created in more than 250 manufacturing steps and always have a unique design. Although you have a relatively high price compared to other types of shoes, this is mainly due to the low extraction of the leather and the complex processing.

Cordovan Schuhe von Handmacher

Upper leather, sole and the bottom are brought together with small nails. Due to the low yield in the production of horse leather, there is also no mass production by handicraftsmen, which also affects the relatively high price. Nevertheless, the relationship between performance and price is always convincing, as there is no leather that can keep up with Cordovan in terms of quality and properties.

Handmade Cordovan leather shoes

Care is particularly important when wearing Cordovan shoes. The leather is hard-wearing and robust, but also requires a lot of maintenance. Therefore, they must be treated regularly with a leather grease. There are also wooden shoe trees that should be used to give the shoes a break.

After wearing it is therefore important to put the Cordovan shoes in for at least one day. These shoes can be bought on the Internet as well as directly from the handyman. However, there are no differences in the purchase price for these shoes, as - as mentioned - they are always unique.