Derby shoes by handmacher

When it comes to men's shoes that have a particular elegance and classy look, derby shoes are at the top of the list. Derby shoes are classics among the shoe models for the man of the world. Just like the famous Oxford shoe, the derby model should not be missing in any shoe cabinet. It is the special workmanship and unique fit that distinguishes Derby shoes.

The shaft is cut straight and forms the basic shape for a large number of other shoe models, so that the term "derby cut" has become popular as soon as there is talk of a shoe with open lacing. In contrast to the, much more elegant, Oxfords, derby shoes are the sportier variant. With a lacing between three and five pairs of eyelets, even the entry is much more comfortable and convenient than with other classic models.

Derby shoes - men's shoes of noble origin?

Derby shoes owe their name to the area in which they were developed, namely a county of the same name in the centre of England. Why exactly these men's shoes were developed has not been properly clarified to this day. However, it is rumoured that at the beginning of the nth century the Count of Derby had problems with the shoe shapes that were modern at the time. For this reason, a shoemaker in the county was asked to develop new shoe shapes.

Officially, this story is still called the birth of derby shoes. Until well into the nth century, derby shoes were popular footwear for games, sports and leisure. Today, however, they are also the appropriate footwear for men with style on official occasions, such as evening events or business meetings. Numerous variants have conquered the market with the bow shape since the introduction of the classic. As individual as the taste of the man, so are the derby shoes.