Exclusive men's belt from Handmacher

Handmade belts fit pants perfectly to your body, so that every pair of pants fits perfectly. Almost every pair of pants today has loops that you can insert a belt into. In addition, exclusive men's belts are a very attractive accessory that many men wear for decoration. They give every outfit that certain something.

Exclusive men's belt from Handmacher

Belts already played a role in the Middle Ages. So not only swords were attached to the belt, but were considered a status symbol. To this day, belts are a symbol of domination, strength and loyalty. Handmade belts are available in different lengths. To find out your suitable size, it is advisable to take the measurements before buying. The best way to do this is to use the pants where the belt is to be used. In the event that you already have a suitable belt, you can also take the measurements from the inside of the belt.

The high quality leather belts from Handmacher are available in lengths from 90 cm to 140 cm. They are 3.5 centimetres wide. Exclusive men's belts are available from us in various designs and colours. Handmade belts are characterised by a top quality workmanship. We have exclusive men's belts made of horse leather, suede, ostrich leather and aniline leather. Exclusive men's belts made of nubuck leather and Horween Shell Cordovan are also available.

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Exclusive men's belts made of horse leather have a shiny look. The elegant suede has a very fine and soft material and is also very breathable. Belts made of hard-wearing ostrich leather have a nub structure and give the belt a particularly natural look. The luxurious aniline leather is material made from calves and cattle. This type of leather is particularly mat and is considered to be particularly durable. Exclusive men's belts go perfectly with our men's shoes, which are made in the same colour and leather type. The combination of exclusive men's belts and handcrafted shoes forms the perfect outfit, so that you always make a good impression everywhere.