Extravagant men's shoes for special moments

Extravagant men's shoes are a very special experience for the friend of men's shoes. It's more than just a slogan, it's a philosophy. Extravagant men's shoes are characterized by surprising and impressive designs, exciting colour combinations, very high-quality materials and excellent seams. With the designed colour contrasts, extravagant men's shoes offer you as a wearer the certainty that the footwear becomes an eye-catcher.

Extravagant men's shoes

If you are one of the gentlemen who would like to leave an impression with sustainability, you will like to use extravagant men's shoes instead of the classic men's shoes. It will be difficult to make the right choice with the models available. The leathers are chosen crocodile and ostrich leather. Crocodile skin because of its naturally high decorative quality and ostrich leather because of the characteristic nub structure. The leather should be supple and elegant for extravagant men's shoes.

Extravagant men's shoes are a statement

Extravagant men's shoes do not come in a simple and inconspicuous box. Rather, the packaging corresponds to the impression of men's shoes. High quality and provided with a special design, the packaging forms a unit with the content. The purchase price includes, for example, spare laces for the case that breaks one time. So that the men's shoes are well protected even on a journey, they are safely stowed in the associated shoe bag. The included brief care instructions are valuable tips to have long enjoy the extravagant men's shoes.

Extravagant men's shoes, which are made by hand and are welted, for example, prove to be extremely stable and dimensionally stable. You will find that the foot always has a secure hold without being constricted. Extravagant men's shoes with so-called Gentleman's Corner are enjoying great popularity. This is no longer the annoying snagging of the trouser hem at the heel of the shoe. If you decide to buy, you will not only get the pair of men's shoes, but you will acquire a very special attitude to life as well.
Various scarring patterns, perforated patterns, characteristic leather knobs, eye-catching seams, incorporated ornaments, some splendid finishes, matt or high-gloss leathers. When designing, all options are open, which make extravagant men's shoes so unique. Partly daring compilations of different patterns and colour contrasts ensure that you are a very special, almost unique pair
Another feature of the quality is that not only the upper and the insole are made of leather, but extravagant men's shoes have a high-quality lining and an outsole, which are also made of the finest leather. Finally, a more than elaborate finish with the finishing of the leather. A fascinating and lasting shimmer arises. A distinction is made here between a matt and a high-gloss finish, similar to patent-leather shoes. There are numerous processing variants among which you will surely find the right one.
In the production of extravagant men's shoes, which is usually done by hand, depending on the shoe model up to 65 individual parts are processed into a shoe. Great emphasis is placed on the fact that extravagant men's shoes meet the highest quality standards and provide you with pleasure over a long period of time. They have to be easy to repair and breathable. This guarantees high wearing comfort and longevity.