Wood nailed full brogue by handmacher

Noble and elegant: With full-brogue men's shoes, the man of the world can really dress up. The leather shoes with a perforated pattern on the shaft clothe your feet immensely and are ideal for an upscale occasion. The sporty character of the full brogue men's shoe also makes it wearable on many other occasions. The men's shoe model is not decisive, brogues - i.e.. the lace pattern - can be applied to many men's shoe designs.

Holzgenagelte Full Brogue von Handmacher
Full-brogue men's shoes have a completely different historical background than you could imagine today. The holes had a useful rather than fashionable or aesthetic reason. "Brogs" comes from the Gaulish and simply means "shoes". In the nth century, shepherds in Scotland and Ireland drilled holes in their boots so that the water that entered the footwear in swampy ground could drain away again. In addition, the supply of air allowed the feet to dry faster. Only later did the shoe become socially acceptable on the islands, and the fashion aspect only came about in the nth century.

Full Brogue - From useful to elegant

The full-brogue men's shoe became popular worldwide through the Duke of Windsor, who was known as a style icon of the 70s. The versatility of the full-brogue men's shoe was also founded by him, because the nobleman wore the footwear for golfing as well as for social events. The decorated wing cap that adorns the tip of the shoe is typical of the full-brogue men's shoe. This distinguishes the full brogue from half brogue, which can be recognized by a straight front cap.

The wing cap of the full-brogue men's shoe is rich in so-called Lyra perforations, which decorate the shoe with a noble pattern. Only the hole sizes vary for the punched holes. Full-brogue men's shoes have long been established in Europe and are an integral part of every shoe store. No wonder: the elegant decoration, but also the robust workmanship make the full-brogue men's shoe timeless and attractive for men on all kinds of occasions. A real classic!