Half Brogue - men's shoes with lace patterns

Subtle lace patterns with fine sophistication, which make each footwear appear unique, are what make the well-known Half Brogue men's shoes stand out. While the punched holes are now a hallmark of men with a sense of style and elegance, the original meaning had been very different, as historically it was shepherds in the swampy England of the early Middle Ages who punched holes in their shoes , so that the water could drain out of the shoes more easily.

But already in the course of the nth century, the so-called "brogues" began to rise significantly in the social hierarchy. To this day, the half brogue has been able to assert itself in the male shoe cabinet. The meaning of the word half brogue can be traced back to Old Scottish or Gallic and simply translates as "low shoe". A half brogue can be purchased with a derby and a high-necked Oxford lacing, as desired and at will. Half brogue men's shoes are extremely popular in both versions.

Half-brogue men's shoes: individual elegance for men with style

It is above all the subtle patterns that are punched into the surface that make a half brogue the object of desire, not only for businessmen. In contrast to the so-called full brogue, in the half brogue only the front cap, also called the cross cap, is decorated with the noble ornaments. Rosette, that is the technical term for this type of perforated line decoration on the Half Brogue men's shoes. Some models also have an ornament on the front cap edge, a so-called Lyra perforation.

Apart from that, the shoes are otherwise designed with discreet restraint. Punching out other shaft parts can only be found on a few, few models. This makes them the ideal companions for every occasion. While full brogues can be seen as a pure leisure shoe, the half brogue shoes can be combined in a variety of ways. Whether for a suit for a business meeting or for a casual leisure look, with them every outfit is enhanced by a touch of stylish elegance.