Handmacher classical shoes are high quality men's shoes

Handmacher Classic is the entry level in the field of high-quality men's shoes in the wood-nailed style. The company Handmacher, based in the beautiful Upper Austrian town of Wels, has specialised in the production of exclusive men's shoes in this style.
In this manufacturing method, the different components of a men's shoe, the outsole, the insole and the shaft, connected by numerous small wooden nails. This almost forgotten method of producing high-quality footwear finds its expression in the Handmacher Classic line.
The men's shoes by Handmacher are still made by hand in small series and are characterised by robustness, perfect workmanship and an attractive price / performance ratio. Particularly impressive is the selection of various men's shoe models, the sizes, widths and of course the leather types- and colours. The shoes from the Handmacher Classic line are manufactured according to a modular system in which the customer can put together his own individual Handmacher shoe.

Handmacher Classic - Men's shoes for individualists

First, the customer selects from the currently 24 different men's shoes models from the Handmacher Classic his favourite. It has a choice of men's lace-up shoes, men's sandals, loafers and even men's ankle boots. After the model selection has been clarified, the desired leather is selected. Again, the demanding customer has a very impressive variety of currently 31 different leather patterns.
However, the combination of features of the Handmacher Classic is far from exhausted, as it is also necessary to choose from four different outsoles. The selection consists of three different leather soles in two different thicknesses and two different rubber soles, so that Handmacher can meet every demand. Last but not least, the right shoe width and shoe size will be added, so that the new Handmacher Classic men's shoes will definitely fit.