Handmacher model 10 | Wood nailed captoe derby

The Captoe Derby, model No. 10, which the company Handmacher is presenting to customers here, is an elegant shoe that also meets the highest demands. The model 10 handcraft has the characteristics typical of this type of shoe. So it has a practical and at the same time decorative open lacing that beautifully complements the narrow shape of the shoe. A derby cut, which is characteristic of the Captoe Derby, is also offered here. In short: This model picks up on a long tradition and leads it to new honours here.

The Captoe Derby - a shoe for gentlemen of all ages

The Handmacher Model 10 is available in various subtle colours that can be easily combined with a classic outfit. But even a more sporty outfit made of designer jeans and a cardigan or a shirt is complemented by this Captoe derby style shoe. This model is a typical product from Handmacher, because here too, first-class leather is processed with the help of traditional handwork into a shoe that surely protrudes from the crowd. Captoe Derby - if you are familiar with the world of good footwear, you will only associate positive and noble things with this style.

Handmacher Modell 10
The handcraft model 10 belongs to the Classic line and is characterised by its straightforwardness, which emphasises the good material again. The Captoe Derby style is redefined here, but the basic elements are retained. This model, number 10, is wood nailed in the typical style. What this element means is clear when you wear it, but the look also wins and elevates this Captoe Derby model to the rank of an exclusive model, which provides a certain "gentleman effect". If you are now convinced of this description, there is only one thing left for you: secure your personal model 10 handcraft!