The Handmacher model 28 is a classic Norwegian shoe

The Handmacher model 28 is a so-called Norwegian shoe whose characteristic feature is the central dividing seam on the toe. This men's shoe is especially suitable for autumn and winter, especially if it is equipped with a fine or coarse rubber sole. The most widely-sold Handmacher model 28 is made of black Scotch grain leather. This men's shoe is also ideal in rainy weather and for men who are out and about a lot.
The open 4-hole lacing of the Handmacher model 28 makes it easy to put on the shoe and the wood-nailed design ensures excellent wearing comfort. The customer can order this men's shoe from over 30 different types of leather, different outsoles and three widths individually. But one thing always stays the same: the excellent workmanship and the superior wearing comfort of the Handmacher shoes.