The Handmacher model 58 from the Handmacher Classic Line

The Handmacher Model 58 is a classic lace-up ankle boot for men and the ideal men's winter shoe. This plain derby ankle boot is made in the wood-nailed style and is still made by hand in small series. In this style, the outsole is connected to the insole and the shaft by means of small book pins. This style of the Handmacher Model 58 differs fundamentally from the welted design and ensures excellent wearing comfort.

Handmacher Modell 58

As a material, only the best leather is processed in the Handmacher Model 58 and the interior of this lace-up ankle boot is made of natural calf leather. This ensures excellent moisture absorption and an excellent footwear climate. Anyone who has ever worn a wood-nailed shoe appreciates this wearing comfort. The open 8-hole lacing on the Handmacher model 58 allows a precise adaptation to the foot.