Handmacher shoes

Handmacher shoes are a concept only for the lovers of wood-nailed men's shoes and not in the assortment of shoe shops. This is also wanted by the company Handmacher, because according to their conviction Handmacher shoes need individual and professional advice. Unfortunately, when it comes to advice, there is a growing shortage of so-called specialist sellers in the shoe stores.

Handmacher shoes in different widths

Especially in shops in the expensive 1a city centre locations are set to so-called fast turners, so men's shoes which sell mainly on the cheap price in bulk. In these sales concepts do not match the Handmacher shoes, as these men's shoes can be individually put together. Above all, this individuality requires one thing - time. Time for a detailed and competent advice in choosing the right Handmacher shoes.

Handmacher shoes
Take, for example, the most sold models from the Handmacher Classic collection, here the customer currently has the choice of 24 different men's shoes models, 31 leather variants, three different last and five different outsoles. This results in a combination of 11160 different Handmacher shoes. The time required for the right advice and the subsequent compilation of the optimal for the customer Handmacher shoes can be estimated with 30 to 60 minutes. This illustrates very clearly why the sale of the Handmacher shoes is done exclusively by strictly selected, often smaller retailers, which have appropriately trained personnel.

Handmacher repair service

That also the service after the purchase of the Handmacher shoes owns a very high value with Handmacher, shows the in-house repair service for Handmacher shoes. The customer delivers the men's shoes to his dealer, where he bought the shoes, and sends them directly to the handyman for repair. In case the customer does not have time to visit a dealer, he can also conveniently order the Handmacher Repair Service from home via the Internet. The Handmacher shoes are picked up by a parcel service at the customer and sent directly to Handmacher. After the repair, which takes about 4 weeks to complete, the repaired Handmacher shoes are delivered to the customer again by parcel service.