With its inception dating back to the days when handcrafted shoes were made by family businesses in Austria, Handmacher shoes have held to their legacy down to this day. Hand made in Bohemia and with materials sourced from the best traditional tanneries, these shoes are made to perfectly complement a man who places high value on quality. A pair of wood-nailed Handmacher shoes are masterpieces in their own right, and are designed to look elegant, while being sturdy and durable.

Handmacher shoes are masterpieces of shoe-craft

Choose from a timeless range of styles made of high-quality ground-tanned leather. From pure woven leather, to embossed patterns, these handcrafted shoes always offer a wide choice for the man of fashion or business. Are you tired of the traditional black or brown leather? If you are, you can choose from fiery red, mocha brown or even green Handmacher shoes, all built on the same high standards that last a lifetime. Handmacher shoes
Walk in to one of the stores of Handmacher shoes and you can get your feet measured for a custom fit made just for you. In-house orthopedic specialists offer useful suggestions for comfortable shoes as well as insoles. The insole and out sole are both made of leather and nailed together for a firmer grip. At the end of 250 steps, your shoes finally reach completion.

Handmacher shoes are comfortable and foot-friendly

Made for the man of the world, Handmacher shoes are crafted by experts who believe that shoes should be built to last. Combine these handcrafted shoes with a matching briefcase and belt for an absolutely eye-catching combination. If taking a trip to store for Handmacher shoes is out of the question, you can always order your pair online. Not confined to a particular country or region, these shoes are shipped worldwide, with free shipping within USA and Europe.