Handmacher shoes sizes at a glance

If you do not have any Handmacher shoes yet and are unsure about the size you are looking for, you can find out the required information about foot length, bale circumference and instep quickly and easily. We recommend a second person for assistance.

You need the following:

Second person (optional)
Right triangle
Measuring tape
Thin pen
2 sheets of white paper
Approx. 10 minutes’ time

Foot length:

Take a white sheet of paper, a thin pencil and place the left foot straight on the sheet of paper. Hold the pen vertically and completely round your foot. Please repeat this procedure with your right foot. Most people have, without knowing it, two different sized feet. Take the measurement best in the afternoon as the feet may swell somewhat during the day.
Also, consider which stockings you wear mainly because the thickness of the stockings has a considerable influence on the result. Now draw a horizontal line at each side of each of the feet. Take the right triangle and draw a vertical line from the longest toe to the horizontal line.
Now take the right triangle and draw a vertical line at the heel up to the horizontal line. Now measure the distance from the two vertical lines (heel and longest toe) with a tape measure. If the measurement results in two different foot lengths, please take the foot length of the longer foot. Since the feet need some space in the toe area when unrolling, you should add about 3 mm to this result. Record the results as the foot length to the left and the foot length to the right.

Bale circumference:

The width of the bale is a very important factor when determining the correct groin and thus the shoe width. Handmacher offers different slat shapes for narrow to wide feet. Pass the tape from below across the widest part of your left foot. This place is also called the football, hence the name of the bale circumference. Read the result and write it as a bale circumference on the left.
Repeat this procedure for the right foot and note the result as the bale circumference to the right. We recommend that this measurement be carried out by a second person, as the downward bending may corrupt the measurement result.


The back of the foot is designated as the ridge and is the upper side of the metatarsus. In general, the back of the foot is also referred to as tension. Place the measuring tape on the floor and place your left foot on it. Now measure the circumference at the highest point of your left foot and note the result as a left-hand incision. Repeat the procedure for the right foot and note the result as the right on the right.


You have now determined the following:
Foot length left and right
Bale circumference left and right
Rists left and right
Take the larger dimensions and look for the best combination of sizes for the respective product line.