Handmacher Trend shoes

In addition to Handmacher Classic and Handmacher Primus, Handmacher Trend is the third product line of high-quality men's shoes made in wood-nailed design. The target group of these shoes for men are young men who prefer a slimmer and flatter last. The models from the Handmacher Trend line also look a bit sportier and more elegant. Of course, these men's shoes are made in the high-quality, wood-nailed style.
This centuries-old production method of high-quality men's shoes has proven itself to this day and Handmacher is one of the last companies to offer this production method. Even initial sceptics are enthusiastic about the first pair of men's shoes from the Handmacher Trend completely from the material and workmanship. This enthusiasm is enhanced by the excellent comfort that these men's shoes offer.

Handmacher Trend - Elegant men's shoes for young men

The men's shoes from the Handmacher Trend line can also be individually combined in the modular system, whereby, in contrast to Handmacher Classic and Handmacher Primus, the last choice is limited to two widths. The customer can choose between the normal F bar and the wider G bar, which should be sufficient for most men. There are currently seven different Handmacher Trend men's shoes, consisting of five lace-up shoes, a loafers and ankle-high men's ankle boots.
Even when choosing the outsole, the customer has to accept restrictions in the Handmacher Trend line, so only leather soles and no rubber soles are available. In the leather sole, which has a thickness of mm on all models, you can choose between a pure leather sole and a rubber soled leather sole. The latter is desired by customers, especially in autumn and winter, to avoid slipping on smooth surfaces.
With the sizes of the Handmacher Trend Men's Shoes, the customer can choose from shoe size 6.0 (39 1/3) to size 11.0 (46.0), and even half shoe sizes are possible. The leather selection corresponds to the Handmacher Classic collection with currently 31 different leather types and colours.