Handmade shoes in the wood nailed style

Handmade shoes are unique - each copy is a masterpiece by the shoemaker. If all shoes were made by hand over 100 years ago, handcrafting today is something extraordinary and an expression of the highest quality. Handmade shoes are all the more appreciated by discerning customers who value individuality and luxury. A perfect suit is only properly rounded off by fine footwear - ideally handmade. In the business world, too, handmade shoes are part of the "dress code" and increase your reputation and authority.

Handmade shoes differ from machine-made shoes in many complex steps. A lot of strength is required for the production, but also tact and skill. The shoe is moulded entirely in the workshop and no parts from suppliers are used. For shoe construction, the individual parts from which the shoe is made are mounted on a last, also called a shape. In the case of manual production, the material of the shoe bottom consists of a hard-wearing material, in the case of ready-made shoes mostly only of cardboard.

Handmade shoes - men's shoes of a special kind

This also explains the longevity of handmade shoes. The individual shaft parts are cut and connected by hand by the shoemaker - this requires patience and years of practice. Only the best material, especially high-quality leather, is used for handmade shoes. The materials are treated with incredible care and processed with extraordinary precision, which increases comfort. Skilful shoemakers sew the individual parts together and do without the use of adhesives, which allows your feet to breathe and ensures a healthy foot climate.

Handmade shoes are unique, something special and underline your personality. They are an expression of quality and style - they are available in a wide variety of designs for every type and taste. It is not for nothing that the manufacture of men's shoes is considered a royal craft - you will by no means regret purchasing one of these wonderful pairs. A pair of handmade shoes are a stylish luxury for eternity.