Horse leather shoes are luxury for the feet

The horse leather shoes are very popular and rare. The shoes are characterised by pure elegance, the leather is highly water-repellent, hard-wearing, shiny and there are many lovers of these rare shoes. Heavy cold blood horses use the skin from the back flanks for horse leather shoes. The connective tissue is located there, where the fibre structure is strongly compressed. A lot of leather cannot be extracted from a horse and therefore one horse must be said for each shoe.

Pferdeleder Schuhe von Handmacher
In most cases, horse leather shoes have robust lines and, for example, a Budapest shoe is a tasteful shoe. The higher price for horse leather shoes is not surprising, since the demand is much higher than the supply. The matching skins of the horses are very rare and they are usually processed in American tanneries that specialise in them. The owners of horse leather shoes swear by the easy care, the hydrophobicity of the leather and the special look.