Horse leather for exclusive men's shoes

Horse leather is a rarely used type of leather today. In the past, when horses were often used as workhorses, horse leather was used more often. But the skins of the animals that are bred as riding horses today are not suitable for processing into horse leather. And even from the right horses, heavy cold-blooded horses, only a small amount of the skin can be processed into appropriate Cordovan leather. For this reason, horse leather shoes, for example, are relatively expensive compared to other leather shoes.

Men's shoes made from horse leather are rare

However, the price is also justified here. Because the quality of horse leather means that this material, if it has been processed well, becomes excellent shoes. Cordovan leather is usually used for horse leather shoes. This leather has certain peculiarities that make it so extraordinary and that lead to the fact that the demand for appropriate shoes far exceeds the range.

Horse leather shoes are mainly manufactured in the USA. They are not so common in Europe, but here too there are retailers who offer corresponding models made of horse leather. High-quality workmanship is characteristic of shoes made from horse leather, since the material is quite rare and therefore quite valuable. In addition, there is a special feature of Cordovan leather that, among other things, is what makes this leather so attractive.

Horse leather shoes are durable

Horse leather, which is processed into shoes, usually has a very special shine that is created by so-called gloss bumping in the manufacturing process. The interplay of heat and friction creates this glossy effect. However, aggressive shoe care products are dangerous for this shine.

For this reason, shoes made from horse leather should always be cared for very carefully and only with agents that have been recommended by a specialist. In addition to the visual reasons, the fact that these shoes are very comfortable to wear and are known for their durability is the main reason for the demand for shoes made from horse leather.