Horween Shell Cordovan is leather for the highest demands

Horween Shell Cordovan Leather has been a household name in the leather processing industry and consumers worldwide for more than a hundred years. The Chicago-based leather manufacturer was founded in 1905 and had its own requirements from the very beginning to become one of the world's leading leather producers.

Handmade shoes and belts made of Horween Shell Cordovan leather

As a result, Horween Shell Cordovan is obtained exclusively from the buttocks of horses. The reason is obvious: nowhere on the body of a horse can you find places where the skin is thicker than in the kidney-shaped regions of the rear part. But until this skin becomes the coveted Horween Shell Cordovan leather, it has to go through 25 more labor-intensive and complex tanning steps. Only then can horse leather shoes, belts, purses and more be made from it. It takes at least six months before the horse skin becomes leather in the famous Horween Shell Cordovan quality.

Handmacher Schuhe aus Horween Shell Cordovan Leder


But the effort is ultimately rewarded, Horween Shell Cordovan leather is characterised by its velvety glossy surface and unique feel. It is pleasantly soft and, despite its pliability, conveys excellent robustness. Horween Shell Cordovan gets its smooth, fine-pored surface due to another special feature. In contrast to other types of leather, the so-called fur side is on the inside, the part referred to as the meat side is the visible side. In addition, Horween Shell Cordovan leather has a very high content of natural fat, which makes products such as horse leather shoes particularly difficult to use hold for a very long time.

The fat content protects against rain, snow and intense sunlight. No wonder that horse leather shoes made from Horween Shell Cordovan are always in high demand, especially for demanding long-term customers. High-quality horse leather shoes, handmade and made to measure, can accompany their owners for a lifetime with little maintenance. Other products made from Horween Shell Cordovan leather are also very popular with international customers.