Lace men's shoes do not look good on every man

Lace men's shoes have been (again) in fashion for some years now and are becoming increasingly popular among young men. These types of men's shoes are not suitable for everyone and do not look good with every man. Generally, men with a broad foot should, in the truest sense of the word, distance themselves from the pointed men's shoes. Also, the other clothing style and individual type of the man must be considered.
At the sight of pointed men's shoes, orthopaedists fold their hands over their heads, as these pointed men's shoes are anything but good for the health of the feet. Due to the shape of the toe, the foot in the toe area is so adversely affected that foot problems cannot be ruled out with long use. Men's shoes should first and foremost be comfortable, healthy, and then beautiful, with beauty well known to be in the eye of the beholder.

Lace men's shoes - who wants to be beautiful, must suffer

This statement is utter nonsense and no factual argument for pointed men's shoes. Rather, a men's shoe should be selected for other aspects than the just supposed, prevalent men's shoes trend. This man should consider the fact that one spends an average of one third of his life on his legs and thus in shoes for men. Especially people in occupations, where standing for hours is required, know about the importance of healthy and comfortable shoes.
There are also professions or industries in which pointy men's shoes are simply undesirable, especially in professionally considered branches of business, this type of footwear is an absolutely no go in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, man will not find any great men's shoes for shoemakers and manufacturers of custom-made shoes, because the customers do not look for them or ask for them. Especially in creative or artistic circles you can see this type of men's shoes more often.