Lace shoes for men look elegant

In the meantime, men's lace shoes have become more and more fashionable in recent years. Starting with the international top designers, these men's shoes have meanwhile also made their way to a broader consumer segment. The classic men's shoes, such as an Oxford or Derby with their round caps for decades a familiar sight in men's shoes. But not only the environment had to get used to pointed men's shoes, but above all the wearers of such shoes.
It is also not recommended to every man to wear pointed shoes for men, since the foot plays a crucial role here. Men with an extremely high instep will not feel comfortable in such a men's shoe, especially if they either have to stand or walk a lot for work. Due to the characteristic shape of the shoe pointed men's shoes are not suitable for well-built men, above all, this often looks a bit ridiculous.

Lace shoes for men - A fad?

The followers of classic men's shoes see pointed shoes for men as one of the many fashion trends that come and disappear after a short time again in fashionable nirvana. At the same time, as is so often the case, man has to take a look beyond his own nose. Especially in southern European countries, and especially in Italy, pointed men's shoes have been an integral part of the men's wardrobe for years.
An Italian gentleman is often better advised and dressed with a pointed shoe for men than with a men's shoe with a round cap. Here, too, the generally slightly smaller physique plays a role, since such men's shoes look simpler elegant. On the subject of foot health, the experts and especially orthopaedists advise against wearing pointed shoes for men. Due to the tapered end of the men's shoe, the toes do not have enough space. Well, if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer.