Wooden nailed lace-up shoe by Handmacher

The lace-up shoe is an absolute classic for men. Almost every shoe worn by a man is a shoe to lace up. This is mainly because of their versatility, flexibility, which is reflected in various everyday situations. The lace-up shoe is suitable for occasions of all kinds, be it as a sneaker for leisure, as a business shoe for the office or outdoor shoe for hiking. The possibilities and versatile opportunities in which a lace-up shoe offers so are almost limitless.

Holzgenagelter Schnürschuh von Handmacher
Lace-ups are therefore very trendy, elegant and very comfortable to wear. No matter what colour, with black and brown usually favoured, a lace-up can be worn in any colour. It is quite possible to wear a more daring colour. A lace-up completes the elegant appearance of every man perfectly. Lace-ups have a certain something, which adds another plus to their special features. So you are an ideal companion for all men.