Leather shoes have a long tradition

Leather shoes have been around for thousands of years and were probably the first man-made products. The problem of that time was to keep the skins of the animals killed alive over time. The solution to this problem was in the smoke, more precisely in the so-called smoke tanning, which was the basis for the later production of leather shoes. Tanning of the dermis with vegetable tannins was discovered much later.

In the course of evolution, the techniques and procedures for the tanning of leather hides have been further improved and refined to produce these in large quantities. Leather shoes were reserved until the beginning of the last century for the wealthy classes and testified to the high social position of its wearer. From the fifties of the last century, with the beginning of the industrial production of shoes for the masses, the prices for genuine leather shoes also dropped significantly, so that more and more people could afford these shoes.

Leather shoes are still a quality feature

In the 1980s of the last centuries, the leather shoes were displaced by the so-called sneaker generation. It was the time when teenagers demonstrated their relaxed and informal way of life by wearing sneakers. The highlight of this movement was undoubtedly the swearing-in of a minister in a German state parliament. The leather shoes were then considered by young people as a symbol of a conservative and old-fashioned attitude.
In the business world and in much of everyday professional life, the leather shoes had their solid place over all these times and were never seriously questioned. For some years, leather shoes have been experiencing a veritable renaissance and are enjoying increasing popularity across all age groups. The advantages of leather footwear such as breathability and longevity have survived all the fashionable waves and will certainly do so in the future.