Loafer shoes are shoes without lacing

Loafer shoes are very comfortable men's shoes and enjoy increasing popularity for several years and are now an integral part of the classic men's wardrobe. These types of men's shoes come with some advantages over other models like the Oxford or Derby shoe.
Perhaps the biggest advantage is the incredible comfort that Loafer shoes offer because no lacing restricts the foot in the shoe and the leather can snugly fit the man's foot. This circumstance is also a plus point when putting on and taking off these men's shoes, as men can easily slip into the men's shoe.

Loafer shoes are comfortable and elegant men's shoes

The correct description of the loafer shoes is men's loafers without lacing, or even slip shoes and can look back on a long, eventful history. Starting from Norway via America and England to Italy, the Loafer shoes made their triumphal procession around the world. These elegant men's shoes made their breakthrough in Germany at the beginning of the seventies of the last century with active support from Italy. A now world-famous Italian designer helped the loafer shoe finally to its social acceptance.
The Loafer shoes are strictly men's summer shoes, because the outsole is very thin with a maximum thickness of 6 - 8 mm. As a type of production predominantly the sewn-through design or in rare cases, the welted construction is used. Here is also a disadvantage of these shoes for men, as the feet heat up very quickly, especially on hot summer days.
For a walk-in wet weather or during a summer storm Loafer shoes are also a bad companion, as the stitched stylet he moisture like the wick of a candle transported into the interior of the men's shoe. Therefore, these men's shoes are also referred to as fair weather shoes.