Handmacher also produces Mafia shoes for men

Mafia shoes - this term often causes a pleasant shiver, because the Mafia is strongly idealized as a topic in many films. The modern man does not have to feel that he belongs to such an association; he can wear Mafia shoes without value and with pleasure. Because the men of the Mafia were also characterised by their elegance, their smart appearance, which ranged from top to bottom. That's why the Lord of the World can confidently fall back on Mafia shoes!

Handmacher Mafia Schuhe für Herren
The well-crafted Mafia shoes for men from Handmacher are examples of how Mafia shoes for men look and are worn today. Narrow, also in two-tone, a supple and shiny leather: The Mafia shoes of modern times are eye-catchers, and in addition to the many men's shoes that can be seen in the streets, they are an elegant counterpoint. Mafia shoes, but gladly! These are noble and easy to wear men's shoes with that very special something!