Maintain leather belts

Leather impresses with its many years of durability, which you can extend to decades with the leather belt. It is important that you care for your leather belt and use high-quality care products that are suitable for leather. Appropriate leather belt care is just as important as shoe care for leather in order to maintain the high-quality product properties. Leather grease is best suited because it preserves the natural structure of the leather and keeps the belt supple. So that the belt does not stain your clothes or pants, you should use colourless care products and refrain from Coloured shoe polish.

Maintain helpful tips on leather belts

Move your leather belt, even if you rarely wear it, and ensure that the material keeps its suppleness. You don't care for leather belts that you wear more often than belts that you rarely wear and keep in the closet. When caring for leather belts, you should occasionally form a roll, as this movement prevents one-sided stress and fragility of the material.

Special shoe care is not suitable for the treatment of leather belts. You always have leather oil or grease in the house and can use it for belt care. Less is more, which means that a thin layer of care product is sufficient. With a soft rag, apply the leather care in a thin layer on the belt and then move it. As a result, the care is absorbed into the pores of the leather and does not stick to the surface.

Maintaining leather belts pays off

If you care for the leather belt, you should not wear it immediately afterwards and thread it into the loops of your pants. It is better to take care of it in the evening and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth over the surface and the edges of the belt before wearing it again. The material leather needs moisture, which is neither contained in shoe care for leather shoes, nor in leather oil for belts. It is therefore advisable to occasionally place the belt in the bathroom after showering.