Maintain wooden nailed shoes

Shoe care is an important task so that the high-quality hand-made shoes retain their shape and quality and can develop their positive product properties without restriction. Wood-nailed shoes require special care, which relates above all to the shape and material properties of the upper. Care products specially matched to wood-nailed shoes offer the best results and ensure the longevity and stability of the lovingly manufactured shoes.

Wood-nailed shoes and the outsoles

It is also part of shoe care that wooden-nailed shoes worn in the rain and moisture are protected from deformation and properly tensioned with a boot servant. Equally important is the special shoe care for leather soles, which contributes to the tightness of the sole and keeps the leather supple and weatherproof. With the shoes from the Handmacher, you have chosen a product made from the best materials.

Holzgenagelte Schuhe pflegen

Not every care product is suitable for maintaining the value of your shoes. Wood nailed shoes should only be cared for with products that are specially tailored to the materials and the manufacture of your shoes and are designed for handmade shoes. For professional shoe care, you don't have to dig deep into your pocket and can always rely on the best care products for shoes from Handmacher.

The right care products for wooden nailed shoes

Commercially available shoe polish alone is not enough to care for wood-nailed shoes. The special features of the footwear are, for example, the sole made of leather, which requires special care and remains weatherproof thanks to high-quality products. With leather grease, you professionally care for wood-nailed shoes and protect the connections of the sole and upper material against penetrating water or deformation. The care is not time-consuming and can be carried out very easily with the appropriate shoe care, so that your shoes by Handmacher convince for years with their attractiveness and practical functionality. If you have chosen wood-nailed shoes, you should definitely pay attention to the right care.