Men and shoes - a difficult relationship

Men and shoes are a very special topic and especially hotly debated among women. Men, on the contrary to women, on average have far fewer shoes. The men then like to argue that they prefer to buy quality over quantity, meaning that men's shoes are more expensive than women. But unfortunately, the masters of creation are taught here by the statistics of the better. So, there is something to it about men and shoes and the reasons for that are complex. Evil tongues even claim that men spend more on their cars than on themselves.
This statement is quite true, you look on a Saturday times in a shoe store and a shop for car accessories. In the former, the men are rarely seen guests and, if anything, in the wake of a female escort. The function of the gentleman is then often confined to the provision of financial means and the promotion of the acquired shoes by means of a carrying bag. In the unlikely event that men and shoes come together in the store, the length of stay is limited to the bare minimum.

Men and shoes - A very special relationship

Interestingly, this phenomenon permeates all social classes and is, almost without exception, independent of age. Even with managers or politicians, the willingness to invest below men's trousers is no longer very pronounced. There is a lot of money spent on high quality (tailored) suits, fine silk ties, and perfectly fitting shirts, but the men's shoes are often over quickly. The fact that men and shoes are such an exciting topic has even been discovered by science.
Yet high-quality men's shoes for the stronger sex are one of the few ways to express his personal style. The gaze of every human being inevitably wanders from top to bottom and this "scanning process" takes place in fractions of a second. The impression of cheap, or even poorly maintained men's shoes, remains unconsciously stored, especially in the ladies. So, it still takes some work until men and shoes form a harmonious unity.