Buy men belt matching the type

Men's belts are not necessarily a must, not even in combination with a business suit. However, they underline the exquisite taste of its wearer in an elegant way. If you pay attention to a few details, it will be easy for you to choose the perfect men's belt for every occasion.
Business and evening suits in the classic style have in principle narrow belt loops, and the matching belt should therefore have a width between 3 and 3.5 centimetres. Especially on official occasions, timeless classic men's belts with metal buckle are recommended. For the free-daily dress-down day or for men in creative professions may also like to choose a so-called buckle belt, in which the leather belt is buttoned behind a small metal plate back. In the length you should note that the men's belt should fit comfortably in the middle, usually third eyelet closed maximum.

Men leather belts are sturdy

When choosing the material applies: For noble thread, please combine in principle a man belt of high quality made of the finest leather. A good business suit is made of high-quality combed yarns and nonchalantly lends its exquisite texture to every light. Small cheats of combinations with faux leather belts are immediately uncomfortable, because artificial materials do not reach this pristine shimmer.
Your wardrobe will be perfect when the men's belt suits the men's shoes you choose. At normal formal occasions, it is enough if the men's shoes and men's belts are combined in the same colour. The more official the occasion and the higher the boardroom, the more eloquent you emphasize your personal precision not only with the same colour, but also with the same surface texture, for example with a suede belt to shoes made of nubuck leather, or men's slippers in crocodile look with a belt in the same pattern. This combination becomes especially important during solemn evening events. For a high-quality men's shoe in shiny polished patent leather, a men's belt in the same material for a stage-ready appearance on your part.