Men's belt by Handmacher

Men's belts are part of the wardrobe of a well-groomed and well-dressed man. This accessory can be found both in the wardrobe of the classically dressed gentleman as well as in the particularly fashion-conscious and the casual-casual Jean types. Unlike suspenders, which today are worn only by a few brave men, men's belts are still not indispensable to men's fashion.
On the one hand, belts fulfil a very practical function: They prevent the trousers from being annoyed when the waistband has become a bit too wide or too low. To do this, the men's belt is pulled through loops attached to the waistband. Since these loops and the waistband have different widths, the belt should adapt to the width accordingly, to ensure optimum fit. In addition, a precisely drawn through the loops of a pair of trousers simply looks better visually.

Men's belts are an important accessory for the man

When buying a men's belt, make sure that it is not too short and not too long. There are numerous variations in different lengths, which are adapted to the respective male abdominal girth. You should leave some room: If you should lose or lose weight, you can adjust the men's belt accordingly.
Although the material for the fashion-conscious man belt made of textile material or metal, still is most often chosen for men belt a model of leather. There are sportier variants of coarser leathers, which go well with jeans, and those made of finer leather, which give any well-groomed men's trousers a stylish touch.
A visual eye-catcher on a men's belt is the buckle, which is usually made of metal. There are very eye-catching variants in Western style and fashionably extravagant models. For a classically cut or stylish understated wardrobe, a sneaky buckle on the men's belt is a good choice.