The shoe fashion of the men is conservative

The men's footwear is not subject to such wide fluctuations as those of the ladies and is generally regarded as conservative. One of the reasons for this is certainly the different consumer behaviour of men and women when it comes to buying shoes. In comparison to men, women spend considerably more money on current shoe fashion. Men's footwear spending is significantly lower, both statistically and in practice.
The men are content with a few pairs of men's shoes, whereas the ladies often own a whole armada of shoes. The argument that the man on average pays more for a pair of men's shoes than the woman is also incorrect. The shoe fashion for men varies only slightly from season to season and especially in the field of high-quality men's shoes, the trend tends to zero. It is also hard to incorporate fashionable accents into business men's shoes.

Men's footwear remains conservative

In the field of men's casual shoes, on the other hand, it looks quite different. Here one can certainly say that the shoe fashion for men is just as dynamic as in the field of women's shoes. This applies to the models as well as the materials and styles used. Even the "trendy" colours vary from season to season. Proper innovation in men's footwear is rather rare and so the men's footwear trend in men's footwear remains on the conservative track.
It is therefore not surprising that the men's best-selling shoes are still black men's shoes, mostly in the classic form of an Oxford or Derby shoe. This season, the colour gets grey to spice up the shoe fashion for men something. On the result may man be curious.