Men's lace-up shoes are the most popular men's shoe models

Men's lace-up shoes are the most sold men's shoes models in Germany and have been enjoying great popularity for decades. When looking into the shop windows and shelves of the men's shoe stores it quickly becomes clear which dominant position these men's shoes occupy within the assortment. There are men's shoes in such an unmanageable variety that it is difficult to keep track. The differences in quality, style and, of course, the price are just as varied as the offer itself.
The great, if not the biggest, advantage of men's lace-ups is their universal use. There is probably no other men's shoes model that can be worn on all occasions. Men's lacing shoes have always been the standard in professional life, and nothing has changed in the past decades. The only changes were just the shoe shapes, whether with a pointed or round cap and the respective fashion colours.

Men's lace-up shoes are the standard for men's shoes

The classics of men's lace-ups are the men's shoes black in the simple version as a Derby men's shoe or a classic Oxford shoe. Every man probably has at least one pair of these men's shoes in his shoe cabinet. But also, in the leisure sector man, apart from sneakers, likes to wear casual men's lace-ups. With this footwear, man is always attractively dressed on all occasions.
There are men's lace-ups both with closed lacing, which are among the formal men's shoes and models with an open lacing, which are worn mostly in the leisure area. About the material used, both leather qualities, artificial leather, fabric or synthetics are used. Prices for a pair of men's lace-up shoes range from single-digit Euro amounts to several hundred euros for a high-quality pair of men's shoes.