Men's shoes have a different status for every man

Men buy men's shoes differently than women buy shoes. Women buy according to fashionable criteria and there cannot be enough shoes in the closet. Men buy shoes according to quality criteria and whether they suit the suit. Of course, the shoes must be comfortable. Men's shoes have the task to bring the man through the daily life comfortably and to be of high quality. The latter is important because most men do not feel like buying shoes regularly.
Men's shoe manufacturers have not set themselves the task to bring the most diverse, different models on the market. There are a few classics that are high quality and make every man happy. Budapester, slippers, loafers and men's ankle boots are categories that every man knows and likes to buy. Men's shoes do not want - like many women's shoes - just stand in the closet and be admired. No, Mr. Schue are there to be carried and please if possible!