Men's shoes with heels have a long tradition

Men's shoes with heel are available in numerous variations and designs, as well as for every purpose. Anyone who has invented the paragraph can be answered just as unclearly today as the question of when the first paragraph has seen the light of the shoe world. However, there are indications that it has been in the twelfth century gentlemen ankle boots with heels.
Incidentally, it is considered almost certain knowledge that there were first men's shoes with paragraph and only much later, namely in the sixteenth century, the first women's shoes with heels. Men's footwear distinguishes between four different types of heels, which have crystallized over the centuries as standards for men's shoes out. In the so-called "English heel" the height is about 25 millimetres and this men's heel has a retracted and straight heel line.
The main feature of the American paragraph is a curly heel line and a slightly larger height, so the sales area is also smaller than the English paragraph. The golf heel comes, as the name suggests, predominantly in sporty men's shoes with heel and its profile line runs at right angles to the surface. The height is slightly the same as the English paragraph.

The different men's shoes with heel

The dance shoe heel plays no role in classic men's shoes due to its larger surface and low height and is very rare. Regardless of the type of heel, this is very important for men's shoes, as the heel absorbs the impact on the spine when the foot rolls off, thereby contributing significantly to well-being. High-quality men's shoes with heel are characterized by the fact that the heel is constructed of different layers of leather.
In cheap men's shoes, the heel is completely made of rubber or plastic, which significantly reduces the cushioning effect of unrolling the foot. The difference between men's shoes with leather heels and those made of plastic is easy to determine. In the former one sees the different layers of leather connected by glue, which are not present in the cheap paragraphs. These low-cost paragraphs are all-plastic.