Men's shoes with leather sole

Men's shoes with leather soles offer several advantages and should always be preferred to men's shoes with a plastic or rubber sole. One of the biggest advantages is the breathability and vapor permeability. Each person excretes on average one shot glass per day of body fluid in the form of sweat from the feet. The men's shoes with leather sole dissipate this moisture to the outside, thus ensuring a dry foot.
Men's shoes with rubber soles or plastic soles, on the other hand, act as a barrier, as this material is impervious to water and vapor. The result of this is a "sauna effect" inside the men's shoe, so you bathe your feet in your own sweat. The higher the outside temperatures are, the worse this effect intensifies. Therefore, not only in summer men's shoes with leather sole are recommended, but throughout the year. In these men's shoes feet can breathe and stay dry.

Men's shoes with leather sole ensure a healthy foot climate

Thus, men's shoes with leather sole make an important contribution to foot health, because a dry men's shoe or male foot provides no breeding ground for bacteria that can cause athlete's foot. With high-quality men's shoes and especially with the welted or wood-nailed models, you will only find men's shoes with leather soles. Everything else is simply impossible here.
In winter, the use of men's shoes with leather sole is also possible, but some basic things should be considered. The biggest enemy of all men's shoes in winter is the road salt and the chippings, which can attack and damage the leather. Especially the outsoles are exposed to enormous loads and require additional care. Therefore, a treatment of the outsoles with a leather sol oil is recommended, which provides the leather with food and keeps it supple. The water permeability of men's shoes with leather sole is thereby reduced.
It is recommended after wearing the shoes to clean the outsoles with a brush of chippings and small stones, so that they cannot be pressed into the leather and get stuck. Also, the men's shoes should be stored in a dry place, but not on or in the immediate vicinity of the heater. So, you do not have to do without your men's shoes with leather soles even in winter.